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Keep Your Belongings Safe With An Under Seat Bag

Keep Your Belongings Safe With An Under Seat Bag

When you are out and about it is important to stay safe by ensuring your valuable belongings are secure and not on show to potential thieves. It is not a good idea to hang handbags and other items on your wheelchair as this leaves your items out in the open, making them easy to steal.

We have had two customers in the past that have had things stolen from them when out and about in a wheelchair, because they had items of value on show.

At AMS Services we highly recommend Under Seat Wheelchair Bags to keep your belongings, and you, safe. These bags are extremely compact and because they fit under your seat and tuck behind your legs, they are perfect for wallets, keys and other personal items, keeping your items safe and secure.

For each wheelchair sold at AMS Services, we will send you one of these Under Seat Bags as a free gift to help keep you safe. We are happy to help if you need any help or advice on fitting them.



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